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Irrigation System & Installation Service

WaterSmart®—Irrigation System Service & Installation

Hartney Greymont’s WaterSmart® irrigation systems are designed to only water your lawn, landscapes and trees. There’s no water waste involved. Our irrigation specialists will recalibrate your existing irrigation system to include rain and moisture sensors, or we can install a brand new irrigation system to keep your lawn and landscape properly watered throughout the season. Hartney Greymont introduced WaterSmart® in 2006 because water use in every form of arboriculture became such a critical issue. Hartney Greymont’s WaterSmart® Irrigation System combines our extensive knowledge of what plants need with state-of-the-art irrigation system technology.

With a few inexpensive services, we can increase the cost-effectiveness of your irrigation system, improve the health and life expectancy of your trees and shrubs and eliminate wasted water to benefit the environment.

We can design and install an irrigation system that will balance the health of your trees, shrubs and lawn with responsible water use. You can save a lot of money by having us install rain and moisture sensors as well as underground drip lines. You’ll waste less water when your irrigation system has fine-tuned delivery and avoids water loss due to evaporation.

Once your sprinkler system is in place, Hartney Greymont irrigation specialists will regularly visit your property to audit your system’s performance and recalibrate sprinkler heads as necessary.

Recalibration for an existing system

Let us audit your water usage. In almost every case, we’re able to make calibration adjustments to individual sprinkler heads to regulate how much water each unique plant requires on your property.

We can also help minimize water waste due to misdirected heads that end up watering the driveway, and automatic timers that are seldom in sync with your lawn’s variable needs for moisture. Our irrigation teams will fix misdirected heads and get your automatic timers in sync.

*WaterSmart® sprinkler system services are subject to availability. Contact your local office for availability and pricing.

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