Dormant Tree Pruning


Dormant pruning is not often considered by homeowners and property managers because tree maintenance is usually relegated to the months when people are outdoors, actively involved with their landscapes.  However, dormant pruning offers distinct advantages in terms of plant health and cost.

Trees respond to dormant pruning with a consistent growth response. 

During winter, trees hold most of their energy in their root systems, which makes it the ideal time for pruning.  Removed branches no longer contain extra energy in the leaves, helping to limit the amount of stress incurred by the plant.  When spring arrives, all the stored energy from the roots is utilized in the remaining branches, creating a more vigorous flush of growth.

Our arborists can more quickly evaluate the structure of the tree.

Another advantage of dormant pruning is cost savings.  Frozen ground and inevitable snow pack allow heavy equipment to access areas on properties that would be nearly impossible during the warmer months.   Also, the lack of leaves offers greater visibility in the crown, aiding arborists working to improve structure and create uniform canopy density.

Planning and scheduling your tree care for the winter provides the greatest benefit to you and your trees!

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