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landscape installation service

Landscape Installation Service

Unrivaled expertise and flawless execution create the perfect landscape

Hartney Greymont’s landscape installation services include adding landscape plants, trees and shrubs to complement your property and reflect your home’s architectural character.

We work with you to minimize deficits, such as a short front-walk, narrow backyard, or a less than-inspiring tree line. We also install a number of shrubs, trees, grasses and flowers so you and your guests can enjoy vivid color throughout the growing season.

We specialize in installing various plants to thrive on different parts of your property. We study your property for microclimates—areas that get a lot of sunlight or are in total shade; the type of soil on your property; slopes where it’s drier, and areas that are more moist than others. Our work is meant to last for years—not just a season or two—to enhance your property’s aesthetic and financial value.

We work closely with you to understand your objectives, tastes and lifestyle. We also explain every part of the landscape installation process so you understand what will work on your property and what won’t.

When we install plants into your landscape, we take into consideration the depth, movement, color, texture and the creative use of space to give your property the visual and functional qualities you desire. We’ll also layer your plantings so that glimpses of one are visible through another.

You can count on us at Hartney Greymont for flawless, technical execution and minimal disruption to your life. We work with the environment, basing our recommendations on what’s natural and ecologically sound for the Boston area and your property.

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