Our Proven Strategy Make Grubs A Thing Of The Past

Grubs are the larval stage of beetles.  The most common offender of lawn damage in Massachusetts is the Japanese beetle grub.  The larvae begin feeding on turf roots as soil temperatures warm and they emerge as adult beetles around the 4th of July.  The beetles will fly for 2-4 weeks, mate and lay eggs which hatch into the next generation of grubs around mid-September.  This generation will over-winter as larvae that will begin feeding again the following spring.

Lawns that have become victims of grubs display wilting or browning in irregular patches. Hartney Greymont turf specialists have the experience and training to recognize the difference between root damage due to grub feeding or other factors such as drought.

We use the most effective, pollinator friendly product to combat grubs in your lawn.  Recognizing the impact bees, butterflies and ants have on our ecosystems is what allows us to be responsible lawn care professionals.  These treatments are most effective when applied in anticipation of the eggs hatching.

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