Beech Leaf Disease

Beach leaf disease is a mysterious new disease sweeping through the nation and starting to impact our local communities in Massachusetts.  As it rapidly spreads it is causing decline and death of both young and mature trees.

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Prune To Reduce Damage

Pruning provides many benefits to your trees but proactive, regular pruning is one of the best ways to reduce potential costly damage from severe weather. The approaching season is an ideal time to prune; Removing dead or heavy limbs and reducing the weight of a tree's canopy can reduce debris from high winds or heavy snow and ice during the winter season.

With the above average rainfall this year, oversaturated soil and tree toppling has been a concern during severe weather too.

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Enhance Your Lawn's Health

Soil health is essential for a fabulous lawn. Regular maintenance of fall aeration, slice seeding, and compost top dressing can help counteract the effects of normal stress our lawns experience like drought and soil compaction. When done together, lawns get a boost to their root system and receive nutrients immediately, encouraging a healthy and lush lawn the following year.

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Increased Rain Causing Disease & Fungal Issues

A wetter than normal summer mixed with hot, humid weather is causing more widespread disease issues, such as anthracnose, apple scab, and fire blight, throughout Massachusetts. If you're seeing browned or shriveled leaves on your trees, contact a certified arborist for a tree health inspection.

Disease treatments are only effective when applied in the Spring, but applying fertilizer and other soil care best practices for the remainder of the season can help relieve stress.

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Our Hartney Teams Giving Back To The Community On Arbor Day 2023

Arbor Day 2023 Vertical Mulching

Wayland Historical Society

Our Concord, MA team performed vertical mulching on the beech tree at the Wayland Historical Society, to promote root health.

Needham_Arbor Day_2023

Blue Hills Reservation

Our Needham team volunteered at the Blue Hills Reservation property in Milton, MA clearing and removing high risk trees around trails.

Needham-Landscaping_Arbor Day_2023

Boston Common

One of our Needham, MA landscape crews installed a new Red Oak on the Boston Common on Arbor Day. 

Climbing Arborist

Boston & Cape Cod Area Tree Service & Landscape Care

Your local Hartney Greymont certified arborists are some of the very best in the greater Boston area & Cape Cod. Our tree and landscape services include both traditional and organic approaches.

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Our Services & Certified Team Of Professionals

Residential Tree Care

Residential Tree Care

Included Services

  • Tree Trimming & Pruning
  • Shrub Pruning
  • Tree & Shrub Fertilization
  • Tree Disease & Insect Services
  • Storm Prep & Support Systems for Trees
  • Tree Planting
  • Plant Health Care Program

Residential Lawn Care

Residential Lawn Care

Included Services

  • Lawn Fertilization
  • Lawn Aeration
  • Grub Control & Prevention
  • Weed & Crabgrass Control
  • Organic Lawn Care
  • Compost Top Dressing

Commercial Tree Care

Commercial Tree Care

Included Services

  • Tree Health Management & Treatment
  • Tree Pruning & Shrub Trimming
  • Tree Planting & Transplanting
  • Tree Safety & Storm Response
  • Property Assessments

Landscape Design & Installation

Landscape Design & Installation

Included Services

  • Plant Installation Services
  • Retaining Walls
  • Stone Walls
  • Outdoor Fire Pits
  • Paver Driveways
  • Hardscape Patios
  • Natural Privacy Shields
  • Drainage Systems
  • Natural Stone Masonry & Flat Work
  • Stamped Concrete, Brick, Paver & Asphalt

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