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At Hartney Greymont, we use Davey Tree’s advanced tree fertilizer: Arbor Green PRO®. In the forest, trees receive nutrition from decomposing leaf litter and debris broken down by earthworms and nematodes. In a manicured landscape, this nutrient source gets striped away by weekly lawn mowing and spring/fall clean-ups which inadvertently leave your plants deficient.

Arbor Green PRO® replaces that nutrient source with high-quality ingredients that become available through the same natural process, microbial breakdown.  This provides the greatest value because it ensures nutrients are only available when your plants are actively growing.  The result is a healthier plant from roots to shoots with this liquid equivalent of the forest floor.

The Benefits Of Arbor Green Pro® Include:
  • Ingredients formulated at the right ratio to maximize the nutrients’ effects.
  • Fortified polyamino acids increase microbial activity breaking down matter to release the highest grade nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium into the soil.
  • A low salt formulation to help drought-stressed plants recover with confidence.
  • A slow release tree fertilizer that gradually releases nutrients into the soil to allow for even distribution and prevents winter leaching. 
  • An increase in your landscaped trees’ performance.
Trees Residential Street
Trees Residential Street

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