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Shrub pruning often calls to mind artificially manipulated plants that resemble perfect spheres and boxes, accompanied by the intimidating buzz of gas powered shears running at full throttle.  While this style has its place, it certainly isn’t on every plant across an entire landscape. 

Shearing plants repeatedly removes the new growth, creating a thick exterior shell of foliage that blocks sunlight from touching the interior of the plant which dies and becomes bare.  This leaves your shrubs in a weakened state, more susceptible to drought stress as well as outside pressure from insects and disease.

Hartney Greymont’s approach involves skilled professionals, purposefully navigating your shrubs, removing an appropriate amount of wood and foliage in order to deliver a healthier, better looking plant.  While pruning, our professionals digest and process the following information to execute the perfect type and amount of cuts that accomplish your goals, including:

  • Client specifications
  • Plant species and location
  • Time of year  
  • Current environmental conditions 

Our experience and talent allow us to perfectly intertwine client service with horticulture to deliver the most high quality shrub pruning around. We enhance the natural characteristics and form of every plant, facilitating sunlight penetration into the entire canopy.  While appearing thin after pruning, your shrubs will grow and fill throughout the season, demonstrating their renewed health and vigor.

When you partner with us, you’re guaranteeing that all of your shrubs will be properly pruned to ensure that they live a long life. 

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