Organic Material Is A Critical Factor In Keeping Your Lawn Healthy, Lush & Vibrant.

Providing your lawn with a healthy diet of organic material is a critical factor in keeping your lawn healthy, lush and vibrant.

Most nutrients are lost through natural processes and from the removal of organic material (grass clippings, leaf debris, etc.) before it has undergone decomposition. To counteract these effects, our turf specialists evenly distribute one quarter to half an inch of compost over the turf, helping to restore vital phosphorous for root development, and microorganisms for long-term soil health. 

A beautiful dark green color is the immediate payoff, which is evident just 2-3 weeks following the application. The long-term benefits manifest in a more fully developed root system that supports a thicker, envious carpet of turf begging for bare feet on warm summer days.  Aeration and slice seeding can be combined with this service for the biggest value, promoting increased oxygenation of the soil and facilitating a deeper penetration of the freshly applied compost. New lawns, or those built on poor soils, will undergo truly amazing transformations in a very short period of time. 

Composting should be done at least once every two years for quality results.

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