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What your property needs to thrive is different than what your neighbor’s yard needs, and the certified arborists at Hartney Greymont know that better than anyone. We are your total solution for tree care and lawn services in the Concord and Boston, MA area.

Concord Tree Services

  • About 98% of our customers choose us for all of their tree pruning and trimming needs because:

    • We use only proper pruning techniques. We won’t shear your trees.
    • We employ proactive trimming and pruning jobs. We don’t react—we take care and precision of every cut we make.
    • Our arborists are Massachusetts-certified arborists. We’re active in the Massachusetts Arborist Society.
    • Most of our master pruners have advanced degrees in arboriculture and soil science.
    • We want long-term relationships with all of our customers.
    • You get valuable, trusted pruning and trimming services with every visit
  • As with everything, we take a holistic approach to shrub pruning. Our master shrub pruners have studied and practiced the art of pruning for decades. In fact, we often give shrub pruning advice before you purchase any shrubs for your landscape.

  • Hartney Greymont offers the most complete package of landscape services in the Boston area. Our expert technicians can install money-saving irrigation systems, design a flawless landscape plan to your unique tastes, and even install trees, plants and shrubs professionally that are guaranteed to thrive on your landscape.

  • In the forest, trees get the nutrition they need from decomposing leaf litter and other debris that nematodes and earthworms breakdown. Unfortunately, landscaped trees and shrubs don’t receive the same nutrition and that makes them prone to disease and pests.

  • Our Concord location offers our customizable plant health care system called Arbortrack ®. Our four-step program keeps your lawn and landscape beautiful year-round with a detailed plant inventory, monitoring and evaluation, prescription and treatment and communication.

  • Cabling & Bracing: Our arborists pinpoint weak limbs that need cables and braces to reduce potential risk.  Professional installation strengthens weak branches and reduces tree stress caused by weather elements and heavy foliage. 

    Lightning Protection: If you have a beloved or historic tree, make sure it withstands severe storms. Have our arborists install a lighting protection system to keep your trees safe from lightning damage.

    Tick Control: The Hartney Greymont tick control program provides a blanket of protection for your property.  Our basic program consists of 4 applications starting early in the spring and continuing into late fall, which target multiple stages of development.  

Concord Lawn Services

  • Our veteran turf specialists have decades of experience creating customized lawn fertilization plans in the Boston area. We know that every lawn and landscape is unique. Our specialists first undergo a detailed assessment of your lawn and landscape. We assess critical components to your turf’s health such as the right combination of nitrogen percentage, phosphate and potassium needed to maximize the health and beauty of your unique lawn.

  • Your lawn needs to breathe just like you do. However, when the soil is compacted, it won’t allow water, fertilizer and oxygen to percolate deep into the soil. Likewise, the soil is not able to expel carbon dioxide. Another key to a healthy lawn involves healthy soil—and soil is at its healthiest when it can deeply absorb oxygen, water and nutrients and expel carbon dioxide.

  • At Hartney Greymont, we first evaluate your lawn as part of our turf wellness program, making note of previous problems, such as grubs, and to look for any existing problems, including scouting for insects, weeds and disease.

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  • Manager - Josh Fritz
    Josh Fritz

    “Our team of licensed, professional arborists is passionate about providing you with excellent service. We know each client is different, and our tree and landscape care recommendations are tailored to your property’s unique needs.”

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  • A great job and a very pleasant experience.

    E.C. Concord

    Thanks for professional service and knowledgeable people.

    R.A. Concord

    New to your services and extremely pleased.

    J.M. Carlisle

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Hartney Greymont: Concord, MA Office 781.484.1764 2352 Main St, Concord, MA 01742 What your property needs to thrive is different than what your neighbor’s yard needs, and the certified arborists at Hartney Greymont know that better than anyone. We are your total solution for tree care and lawn services in the Concord and Boston, MA area.