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Sugar 3
Get Ready for Fall!
What happens to trees in the fall and why do their leaves change colors?
Tick Control Management
Ticks are everywhere! Find out how to take an effective approach to tick control.
Stress 2
Tree Stress
The word stress refers to a diminished state of health in a plant due to some foreign pressure.
Lace Bug2
Insect Watch: Lace Bugs
Lace bugs are a common landscape pest typically found on Andromeda, azalea, laurel, and rhododendron.
Don’t Worry; This Is Normal…
A significant display of interior yellowing on yew trees can be alarming if unexpected.
Early Season All-Stars
Add these plants to any landscape to help start the growing season off with fireworks.
Brown Needles On Evergreen Pine Or Spruce Tree
Why Does My Evergreen Tree Look Sick?
See 3 of the most common species and our recommended plant health care solutions.
Drought 06 2017
Drought Impact on Spring Growth
If your trees took a hit during last summer's drought, they might still be feeling the heat this year.
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