These core facts will have you pruning your trees and shrubs just like a professional

In the next two minutes, you’re going to learn more about tree pruning than most homeowners and property managers ever know.

Fact one:  Whatever the job, be sure to have it done by a certified arborist. Why? Because you’ve got too much at stake to trust amateurs. Trees are a highly important part of your property. They increase its aesthetic appeal, financial value, and overall livability. On the other hand, trees can be dangerous. When all or part of a tree comes down in a storm, the consequences are often severe. A little expertise at the right time always goes a long way.

Fact two:  When you call in Hartney Greymont, you get a lot more than tree pruning—and it’s all free. We begin by evaluating your trees for general health, infestation and disease, structural integrity, water issues, access to sunlight, and overcrowding. If we find anything, we will share it with you, and provide multiple options for action. 

Fact three:  The real secret of successful tree pruning is communication. Our master pruners’ greatest skill is their ability to listen. For decades, satisfaction surveys have shown that the most important thing to HG clients isn’t the results they get; it’s our willingness to listen to them. You have ideas, opinions, and desired outcomes. We want to hear them.

Fact four:  Tree pruning is a lot more than clippers and chainsaws. There are many kinds of pruning and we are masters of them all. Strategic pruning, structural pruning, storm pruning, restorative pruning, crown canopy lifting and thinning, deadwooding, vista pruning, etc. With HG, you can be sure that we will apply precisely the right tree pruning technique to get the effect you’re looking for.

Fact five:  Neatness counts. We know how to minimize the effect of tree work on your lawn, your life, and your neighborhood. We will explain all steps to you beforehand and leave your property spotless. 

It can take a generation to grow a tree, but might take less than an hour to save one. 

If you think tree pruning is needed for one or more of your trees contact us for a free consultation.

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