Posted: July 27, 2023

Sure, you may enjoy your neighbors in your Needham, Concord, Danvers, and Cape Cod community. But you may also crave a little privacy. There’s nothing wrong with that. Everyone deserves some peace and quiet in their own backyard.

But to keep prying eyes and uninvited visits and conversations at bay requires a little seclusion. And there are some trees that can fill in quickly and create great views, while also shielding yourself from nosy neighbors.

Setting your landscape up for success to help avoid problems later starts with choosing the right tree, for the right place based on your region.

Let’s look at some trees that grow fast for privacy that add texture, interest, and color to your yard and can also help you create that cozy privacy corner you crave.

How To Choose The Best Privacy Trees

If you’re seeking a backyard sanctuary, trees can certainly help you create a space where you can spend some necessary quality time with your family members and friends.

And adding a privacy buffer that is natural and beautiful can certainly help you soften your space and enjoy it even more without feeling like all your activities are on display.

But when it comes to choosing the best fast growing trees for privacy, you must consider a few key things to ensure you install trees that you’ll enjoy all year long.

First, consider evergreens or deciduous trees. Evergreens will stay green all year long, offering a more consistent look, but they may not provide the color diversity you may want for your space. Deciduous trees, on the other hand, offer privacy during spring, summer, and part of fall, but they lose their leaves over winter when they go dormant. So you may lose privacy at that time of year, but you gain spring flowers and autumn color for some variety throughout the rest of the year.

Also, look at your tree’s expected growth height and width. This will help you with plant spacing, as well as help you choose trees that fit your yard size or match the view you’d like to block.

In fact, looking at the space you have available is a key element to consider . You don’t want to plant a tree that is so large it takes over your patio or has roots that may create issues with nearby hardscapes, such as cracks or heaving. Being planted too closelycan also cause fungal problems and dieback in the future as trees and shrubs grow.

Finally, remember to choose fast growing trees for privacy that match the amount of maintenance you want to deliver. Some trees or hedges may require regular pruning over other trees.

Tree Growth Rates

When you have a wide-open yard, and you’re seeking instant privacy, waiting for a tree to grow to give you the seclusion you need can seem like it takes forever.

Understanding tree growth rates can help you make a good choice on trees that grow fast for privacy.

Tree growth rates are decided based on the height a tree will gain on average in a year. A fast-growth rate label is usually given to any tree that grows roughly 25 inches or more in height annually, while a moderate growth label is for trees that add 13 to 24 inches in a year. Slower growing trees then will only add approximately 12 inches or less in height annually.

Fast-growing trees may be what you seek, but slow-growing trees offer some great benefits, too. The biggest perk of slow-growing trees is their long lives. Some moderate-growing trees can also offer this characteristic. Fast-growing trees may require more frequent maintenance and may have a shorter lifespan.

Best Trees To Plant In Massachusetts For Privacy

Ready for some tree recommendations? Try some of these reliable best fast growing trees for privacy for homeowners in Needham, Concord, Danvers, and Cape Cod areas.

Eastern Redcedar – This hardy evergreen with small scale-like needles can grow 40 to 50 feet in height with an 8- to 20-foot spread. If you’re looking for something smaller, some cultivars will only reach 20 feet in height.

Arborvitae – This evergreen offers flattened, emerald green needles with a soft overall form that is dense for the ultimate privacy. Expect this tree to grow 40 to 60 feet high with a 10- to 15-foot spread. The ‘Emerald’ variety will only reach 15 feet tall.

Umbrella Pine – This Japanese native has a slower growth pattern but offers a distinct look with rich texture and elegant form with thick, lustrous needles. It can grow 25 to 40 feet high with a 15-foot spread.

Holly – This broad-leaf evergreen with dark foliage and leaves with pointed tips come in varieties that range in size from large shrubs to small trees. The American holly, for instance, offers dark green, glossy leaves and bright red berries, growing best in dappled light or partly sunny conditions. It reaches 50 feet in height with a 20-foot spread.

Leyland Cypress – This evergreen has attractive, flattened needles, but may not be suitable for more exposed, windy areas. This cypress can grow 60- to 70-feet tall with a 15- to 25-foot spread. You can find cultivars that reach smaller mature heights.

Japanese Cedar – This distinct tree has small sharp, blue-green needles, and it can grow to 50-feet tall with a 20-foot spread. The branches will droop slightly toward the ground as the tree grows, offering a unique look, and the foliage will bronze in winter. You can find smaller cultivars for smaller yards.

At Hartney Greymont, we have local arborists throughout Massachusetts located in Needham, Concord, Danvers, Cape Cod, and the surrounding areas to help provide recommendations for tree species based on your local landscape features.

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